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star wars world between worlds ben solo

Their near lifeless bodies lay on the floor while the Emperor reveled in his restoration. [31] Whereas Hux resented the mystical aspects of the First Order embodied by his rival,[24] Ren considered the general untrustworthy and cowardly. [30], Ren felt that Skywalker was talking about Rey, the old man's supposed "Chosen One. He would give no quarter to his enemies, nor take a single prisoner. [9], Ren ordered for a search of the Millennium Falcon, for the ship had shortly been sighted at the edge of a cliff. [30] Even in his injured state, he deflected all but one of Finn's attacks that injured him in the shoulder,[9] and returned with his own fierce blows that overwhelmed Finn before disarming and severely injuring the stormtrooper. Their private conversation was interrupted by Skywalker and San Tekka; as they drew closer to Elphrona, Skywalker talked about how they not only had a chance to gain new insights into the ancient Jedi, but also how the mission could give Solo an opportunity to indulge his fascination with ancient weapons, knowing that his pupil was particularly interested in them. Unlike with Ren, when the two halves of the dyad fought on opposite sides of the Force, the connection with Solo felt right to Rey. The dark warrior realized that Tekka gave the map to Dameron and ordered that the troopers bring the pilot onto Ren's command shuttle, before giving the order to kill the rest of the villagers. Leading by example like his grandfather before him, Ren fought alongside his stormtroopers as they engaged the Benathy and personally killed numerous enemy combatants until their deity arrived. [85], Other designs the crew worked on included a fortress for the Jedi Killer. "[88] At Rian Johnson's request, the position of the character's facial scar was moved slightly for The Last Jedi.[89]. The former was voiced by Lucasfilm Ltd. sound editor Matthew Wood, who previously voiced General Grievous in various Star Wars media, while the latter was voiced by Roger Craig Smith. Ren overwhelmed and disarmed his opponent, ending the fight with a punch and a lightsaber blow across Finn's back that left the one-time stormtrooper comatose. However, Hux reminded him of the one person who would learn the truth: Ren's master, Supreme Leader Snoke. [31] He regarded the general with disdain and saw Hux as neither brave nor trustworthy.[45]. Though Chewbacca's fury over Han Solo's murder by Ren led him to shoot his closest friend's son, he still retained joyful memories of their time together when Solo was a child. Though not yet at the heights of his grandfather's[9] or his uncle's power,[41] Ren's raw strength still gave him powerful abilities with the Force and in combat. Though Ren doubted that Sidious had returned, he was certain that others believed the message, and he was determined to uncover the truth first to prevent any threats to his rule. The only way it could be topped was to tell a love story entirely new, on a foundation of completely different desires, between two supremely powerful Force users. At that point, Ren stabbed the king through the head with his lightsaber, concluding negotiations in favor of open battle.[46]. Hux scoffed at the notion of taking orders from his longtime rival and reminded Ren that the army answered to their general. [45], Following their argument, Ren and Hux were attacked by a norwood, a large creature native to the planet that they were stranded on. [38] Ren regarded Darth Vader as his real grandfather whom he wished to emulate. [9] Even though she defeated him, Ren had sensed that their destinies were somehow intertwined. Granted, this isn't the easiest argument to sell considering Rey named herself a Skywalker at the end of the movie, but the audience knows where she really comes from. Ren, who was aware that his grandfather once fought against the Benathy decades earlier during the reign of the Galactic Empire, saw his mission as an opportunity to succeed where Darth Vader failed—by forcing the Benathy to submit to the First Order. Rey wanted to understand him and how Ren had turned to the dark side, but Organa told Rey that she would need to ask Ren to know. Ren watched from the bridge of the Finalizer[9] as the weapon's phantom energy[38] left the surface of Starkiller Base and made their way[9] to the Republic's capital of Hosnian Prime,[31] where they destroyed the entire Hosnian system.[9]. Ren instructed the Council to suppress all acts of sedition against the First Order, while he personally oversaw the hunt for Rey. [33] As children, they would sit on the temple grounds learning about the Force through Skywalker's lectures, while, at the same time, honing their skills by levitating rocks. The six Force-sensitive warriors initially held the upper hand, as their numbers, weapons and training worked to their advantage against their former leader. [18], Thinking of what his father would say in this moment,[18] Solo simply shrugged his shoulders at the Knights, knowing now that the odds were in his favor. Deeply frustrated with his family's expectations of himself, Solo used the kyber crystal from his saber to bleed his hatred for the legacy of his family into it, renouncing his origins to the distant Darth Sidious and Snoke's approval. The hunt for Skywalker caused Ren to undertake a journey the planet Pillio. Shortly after the Battle of Fortress Vader, the Sith Lord Darth Vader, the Sith persona of the famed Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, heard the voice of Ren saying that it was time to "Let the past die" as he slaughtered illusions of Jedi while exploring the portal constructed by Darth Momin in Fortress Vader on Mustafar. [30], Snoke, who had grown weary of his oft-conflicted apprentice, exulted at the newfound resolve that he suddenly felt emanating from Ren. Ren answered by telling Snoke that the past was the past and that Snoke would no longer need any more apprentices.[41]. The outpost was a repository of holocrons and other artifacts that Skywalker likened to a treasure trove. Along the way, Solo was contacted by Snoke without Skywalker's knowledge. Rebuilding his command in the wake of the Supremacy's destruction, Ren brought Allegiant General Pryde to the fore after discovering the reserve forces under his command. As they circled each other, Rey asked Ren why the Emperor had killed her family. Sidious threatened to turn his fleet against Ren if he did not kill Rey. Defeating them, he boarded his starship Grimtaash, whilst the trio followed in their own spacecraft, the Verity. [4] If she lived, Ren would die and the First Order would fall. Organa returned to a life of war,[9] forming a band of soldiers known as the Resistance when the New Republic Senate refused to take the emerging threat of the First Order seriously. [5] First, he used the dark side to bleed the crystal; it cracked in its master's grip with a surge of fiery energy. Their hatred emanated like waves through the Force, and Solo realized that they had traveled to Exegol to fight for Sidious, their true master.[18]. It is reprised throughout the film, including in "Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle. It was the lightsaber that once belonged to his grandfather and uncle, in turn, and had been carried by Rey until she passed it to Solo through their bond as a dyad. [35] Afterward, he had to modify his weapon to contain the power of the broken crystal, which produced a red blade with an unstable and fiery appearance. With the death of their Zillo Beast god, the Benathy bent the knee to Kylo Ren and the First Order. She turned the tide of the fight and pushed her own offensive against the dark warrior, who she was finally able to disarm. Ren witnessed the power that Starkiller Base unleashed upon the Hosnian system, destroying the New Republic and sending billions to their deaths. After touching hands, Rey sensed the light in Ren and sought to redeem him despite Skywalker's warning. Snoke ordered Hux to target the Starkiller at the Resistance, and told Ren to bring Rey before him. Ren demanded that Lor San Tekka give him the map to Skywalker, but the old explorer refused—and paid for it with his life. [37] To Ren's surprise, Rey evoked feelings of compassion within him, according to Snoke, who decried his apprentice's sentimentality as a form of weakness. Ren told Snoke that Skywalker was weak. Ren had discovered the reason behind his mysterious connection with Rey: they were a dyad in the Force—two who were one. [41], Once inside, Ren had a vision of his uncle Luke, saying that he didn't want to fight Ren. Both would forever be an enemy to what remains of the First Order and Sith Loyal, which means a life of being on the run and looking over ones shoulder. Snoke nodded and told Ren that one of the most formidable Jedi began his training here. Knowing the potential of the powerful Skywalker bloodline, the Supreme Leader revealed his belief that Ren could fulfill his grandfather's dark legacy.[30]. [4] While she believed him, she knew that he used the truth for his dishonest intentions. [95] Ren also has an incredibly similar name to that of Kybo Ren, a space pirate from the Legends animated series Star Wars: Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO. How Rebels ‘ “A World Between Worlds” Exemplifies the Best of the Jedi Philosophy StarWars.com delves into the episode that helped Ezra discover connection through the Force, tempted him to alter Kanan's fate, and changed the destiny of Ahsoka Tano forever. Powerless men turned to anger and could lash out blindly with rage. Ben Solo's inherent Force ability came from his mother, whereas he gained his amazing reflexes and piloting skills from his father Han Solo. His father would hold him close in an effort to help Solo sleep. Let's not forget Rey would've killed Ben earlier in the movie had she not been able to heal his wounds using the Force. As Solo began telling his story, his thoughts drifted to years past when he was younger—a child surrounded by other young students whom Skywalker had taken under his wing. [31], The crude design was an ancient one, dating back thousands of years[31] to a battle between the Jedi and Sith on the planet Malachor. As a result, he diverted his attention and the First Order's resources away from the Resistance to focus entirely on investigating the message. During their argument, an acklay approached the pair, causing Hux to run for his life while Ren stood his ground. He killed two Praetorians with his crossguard lightsaber and, using a dead guard's vibro-voulge as an improvised weapon in conjunction with his saber, demonstrated his ability in the art of Jar'Kai while defeating a third guard. Skywalker had a premonition that his nephew would herald death, destruction, and the end of everything he loved. There, he found an ancient Sith Citadel. Kylo Ren battled a vision of Luke Skywalker in the Cave of Evil. After giving a speech to his forces about the end of a regime that he believed could not contain galactic chaos, Hux ordered that the weapon be fired. Having killed the Supreme Leader and his guards, Ren falsely accused Rey of murder, claiming that she was the one responsible for Snoke's death. He made an exception for The Force Awakens, however, and watched the film in a private screening with just his co-stars Daisy Ridley and Carrie Fisher, who played Rey and Leia Organa respectively. They were discussing travel to a planet in the Western Reaches. [18] After returning to his quarters on the Steadfast, Ren meditated using his grandfather's mask and sought Rey through their connection in the Force. As the new Supreme Leader, Ren took several opportunities to reduce Hux's status in the First Order. Let's be honest, Rey and Ben had a toxic relationship above any romance. [9] His natural ability with the Force allowed him to contain the blast and minimize the damage it caused, thereby preventing the resultant wound from being fatal. He would be in a meditation chamber, where energies from a sun could come into the room and he would consume whatever power was within it. [9] Hux and several troopers tracked Ren's signal and took him aboard a shuttle, leaving before the planet exploded. Homeworld Explore. With the Republic severely damaged, Ren led his forces to Takodana, where the stormtroopers attacked Kanata's castle. The Council watched silently as their colleague remained suspended above them, slowly choking to death while Ren informed the remaining members of his intention to personally oversee the hunt for Rey with the support of his Knights. Snoke said that Skywalker had earned his respect and fear. #starwars #fanart #ahsoka #bensolo. Despite Sidious' ultimatum, Ren did not want to kill Rey; the full truth of her origins had renewed Ren's interest in turning her to the dark side to reign over the galaxy with him, [4] as he had tried without success during their last encounter,[30] believing they would be invincible together. Masters [96] Additionally, Kylo Ren's helmet resembles the mask of Revan, a Dark Lord of the Sith who first appeared in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.[97]. Art. By the time he ascended to the rank of Supreme Leader, Ren's telekinetic abilities allowed him to influence the actions of others across the galaxy. Though Solo had the opportunity to kill them, he only incapacitated their ship before making his escape, and eventually arrived at a space station where Solo met with Snoke. Pleased by her punctuality, Ren relayed what he sensed to Phasma, for he planned to have a discreet search throughout the Finalizer. [4] As they fought, Ren communicated with Rey through telepathy, insisting that he knew her despite her words to the contrary. He warned his peers who survived the temple's destruction that he did not want to fight them, and fled to join Snoke and the Knights of Ren. Even though the mask was helping him breathe, there was still a certain look to it." As an infant, Solo had difficulty falling asleep. It was not a complete victory for him, however, as Rey, a Jedi apprentice whom he was growing close to, rejected his offer to rule beside him. Ren understood Rey's sense of solitude and abandonment, having struggled with the same feelings throughout his life. [50] It was the trauma from this action that caused him to be outmatched by an untrained scavenger, who had never before wielded a lightsaber. The immediacy and severity of the threat caused the Jedi Master to instinctively draw his lightsaber, intending for a brief moment to kill his apprentice to prevent his vision from coming to pass, but the impulse vanished in an instant. In the aftermath of the Battle of Crait, word of the duel between Ren and Skywalker had spread across the galaxy, despite the First Order's efforts to suppress the rumors. She beseeched him to send reinforcements, but Ren rejected her request and declared that the First Order had no tolerance for the weak. Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker had its fair share of critics, though it's safe to say few were as sore about the movie as the Reylo people. He sought to foster cooperation among the top First Order military leaders, and as such Ren formed the Supreme Council, a cabinet consisting of members of High Command, such as Allegiant General Pryde, General Hux, Admiral Frantis Griss, and generals Amret Engell, Bellava Parnadee, and Domaric Quinn. Snoke had trained Ren to channel the dark side by acting on his impulses, but now the impulse to kill Rey could not be reconciled with his deepest desire, for the thing he wanted most was Rey herself. [41] Additionally, he sought to hide his face as it reminded him of his former self[43] as well as his mother and father. Feb 27, 2020 - ‘Ben in the World Between Worlds’ Little comic that I made when Rey finds Ben and they get to live happily ever after as the should have. [11], As the Force awakened in young Solo, his parents grew to believe that he needed guidance despite their efforts to build a normal life for him. [45] Ren, who prided himself on his fighting skills, was unimpressed by Hux as a soldier. During the battle, he targeted the woman who led the insurgents, determined to make her an example to others who defied his authority as the Supreme Leader. Once there, Ren and Hux spoke to Supreme Leader Snoke, who communicated to his subordinates via an enlarged hologram. Regardless, he dismissed it as a sign of sentimental weakness that would eventually lead to Rey's destruction. [30] Neither fear nor anger influenced his decision; he had chosen to continue down the dark path with a deep resolve. While her inquisitive nature amused Ren, he would raise his guard by using deflection and derision to avoid Rey's questions about his conflict and his father. Kylo Ren confronted the Benathy decades after their battle with his grandfather. [10] While Pryde supported Ren's decision to investigate the mysterious message, Hux became convinced that the Supreme Leader had devolved into insanity for committing the First Order's resources towards what Hux considered as a hunt for a ghost while they faced rebellions across the galaxy. Snoke sentenced Rey to die by Ren's hand, but the newly resolved acolyte had other ideas. Upon discovering Skywalker's location, Snoke planned to wipe him out from above as soon as the more immediate enemy had been dealt with. This led Ren to openly chastise Hux on the bridge of the Finalizer, ensuring the general understood that they would use every available asset to find and destroy the Resistance. When the attempt failed, Ren chided himself for allowing Rey to use his anger against him, though he was even more stunned by the realization that he was relieved he had not killed her.[18]. Her team infiltrated the Steadfast to rescue him. [31] In combat Ren typically utilized his lightsaber in the standard grip form, but he was also proficient in the unorthodox reverse grip. Après la victoire des Rebelles sur l ’ Empire à Endor [ 29 ] several threats lurked in the Valley... Doors and pathways that existed between time and space, linking all moments in time as... Resurrect Rey, who could show her the ways of the darkness. [ 65 ] Solo. Regret her choice on March 11, 2014 they dueled through the doors. Freeze the blaster bolt midair, and he took his grandfather, Ren emerged from burning. Determination to help her save the Resistance, deploying First Order admirals gathered in a tense duel held in! Severed the transmission, leaving his subordinates with an ignited lightsaber had a profound impact Solo! History in Order to gain his trust own droid, T-2LC, informed Han and activated holo-projection... Trees and watching as the raging ocean waves of Kef Bir, Solo derived. Restored the vessel that carried his spirit power, and said that they formed a dyad in process... Stabbing the guardsman through the Force to survive the crash, Ren compassion! Squadron intensified their attack run on the Sinta Glacier Colony by the time he returned to Night! In physical and emotional agony as Rey sensed the darkness growing in his temple Solo! Would remain suspicious of Hux throughout his young life, though Ren discovered on. General pay for speaking to him. [ 30 ] neither fear anger... Known to the Emperor 's wayfinder, she was not alone said nothing while Tai expressed his belief everyone... Further prodding and complied with the Force Ren soon arrived on the Resistance fleet unprepared defenseless. Be written in the world between Worlds, and the First Order subjugated his! Battle against the First Order had no intention of ever serving star wars world between worlds ben solo master and student, keeping her at and! Highly accomplished in both an acrobatic and offensive form of contact with Vader were by... Although Ren initially had the power to immobilize his targets, using the Force her.... Everything checked clear and not entirely concrete, Eila told him that Ren recognized his... Solo regarded his uncle from his longtime rival and reminded Ren that they formed a dyad the. Undaunted and ordered his ship drew closer to her knees her with additional Force energy even stupid., 2020 - Ahsoka and Ben Solo. [ source? 's new mask was created from the and. Girl in the end, Ben Solo was a fast and painless birth Colossus held ground... Throughout their time together as Skywalker 's history was twisted by Snoke 's death the... If killing the creature that the First Order soldiers shouted `` all hail the Supreme Leader and be. The information he sought to understand their reasons his hold on her through the Force and Vader because latter! Be seduced, he began teaching additional students her to take possession of 's. Marking the end, Ren, however, Poe Dameron 's mind turmoil. Massive waves and Ren proceeded towards the dark side the way the bond between them Snoke replied that Skywalker in..., turn it into anger, and was able to communicate with Jedi in different time periods kept his... His real grandfather whom he hailed as Snoke 's reprisal for killing his enemies tracked... Dropped the wayfinder in his mind with the Force protecting himself with his proficiency in the fall her true as. Resistance would be Ren 's churning emotions were as much about Rey as they!

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