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mathematical miracles of quran

Brother. but not اشهر (ashar) bcos thats plural, MONTH (SINGULAR FORM; SHAHR) = 12 times in Quran (we have 12 months in a year) 13.) the Quran to us is not a mathematics book or a science book…. and when you click the translation it will clearly tell you the word is plural all of varying degrees of complexity ….you decided to deal with the easiest which is counting contrasting words…..i mean your article shows that not only were you lazy to do the actual research…you dont even know basic arabic as i will prove below, 3. i specifically asked you to deal with Dr. Shabir Allys work….bcos i know there are many incompetent sites including your own….what is the point of getting information from an incompetent site and then doing your own incompetent research to add to the incompetence, 4. i realised that since i was responsible for your stupid article which may now go on to mislead more of our gullible muslim youth i would have to deal with your incompetent mess….incompetent people always seem to have more time and means to spread their incompetence…. Angel (AL MALAAIKAH) 68 times 18.) 20.21.22.) U didnt hate us abdullah, u hate a part of u that u think exists in us. the very fact numerous meaningful patterns are even there are remarkable…… These words basically mean the same thing and are not really relevant to the story. Another incompetent article for your incompetent blog …….you cant just write the translated word in a search and blindly just write down the number you get….even a novice knows that… ill prove your incompetence below but let me just say ive noticed that usually your mind processes things incompetently to mislead yourself and others but in this case its just incompetent research…. just by looking at your figures i could see the incompetence… You said woman only appears 12 times in all its forms but i found 24 singular forms for woman and that alone is enough to disprove you….im no arabic expert but i know you dont know arabic bcos you listed out ‘dhati’ and ‘hamlin’ as separate whilst in the Quran you would have found they are actually written together to mean a ‘pregnant woman’ luckily for me you shared your list and honestly if you cant play fair then this is going to be a never ending game…. Though there are also numerous other facts inside Quran which are far more convincing if considered scientifically but I am restraining myself from quoting those as I strongly believe you already gone through those. 6. In Arabic, every letter has a numerical value. if i had used singular form for angels to get 68 times and plural form for demons to get 68 then you could say it was inconsistency, the other times when contrasting words i used the singular form…..such as the male 24 times and female 24 times…, when showing you day 365 times and month 12 times i again used the same system for both, if anything it adds to my cause that there are various numerical wonders throughout the Quran…and shows the variety and spectrum of the numerical patterns in the Quran… ANGEL (AL MALAAIKAH) 68 times /watch?v=NooXCN2LiAY ill just deal with the treason law (not just apostasy)…..we dont have an islamic country that implements the full islamic shariah including the political, economic, welfare, civil, criminal aspects of it….but some countries do have the criminal penal code….if you left islam and kept it to yourself then an islamic governement would not disturb you…but since you go out in public and deceive the youth with your incompetence in an islamic land you have 2 options….you could either repent and recant and be set free or you could leave that islamic land and spew your poison designed to mislead the youth elsewhere…. In Your Romeo and Juliet experiment you mention the following: Time and Old 33 times For a non-muslim who understand and fluently speak arabic, it’s easy to debunk this fabricated miracle. 28:70 just saw your comments…. Just because you find some patterns in the book does not mean it had a divine author. http://corpus.quran.com/search.jsp?q=%D9%85%D9%8E%D9%84%D9%8E%D8%A7%D8%A6%D9%90%D9%83%D9%8E%D8%A9%D9%90, مَلَك Verily, the likeness of ‘Isa (Jesus) before Allah is the likeness of Adam. If quran is supposedly a “mathematical miracle”, at least it should offer some solutions to the myriads of mathematical paradoxes out there. 79:25, to get 365 again we use only the pure and singular forms for the word يوم : without suffixes so only This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 37:119 You are right, they resort to lame threats because they have a problem with ANYONE criticising Islam. الْمَلَكَيْنِ) Malakayn Two Angels – 1 time, شَيْطَانٍ – Literally Shaytan – proper noun –, The so-called mathematical miracle of the Quran. 4.) 16.) World and Earth 20 times 13. 2:221 (appears 3 times maybe in variant singular forms) i sincerely hope this will make you reflect and keep your incompetence to yourself instead of deceiving people on youtube and your blog….. do something more productive wth your life…..religion is not a joke to lots of people…they take it seriously, SINGULAR FORM OF WOMAN = 24 times Okay lets take a look and see the 9 references to seven heavens in the Quran: The words “paradise” and “hell” are each repeated 77 times, Somewhat true if we pick and choose which forms of the noun to use. As there is no option to edit my comment so I am here again to re-phrase some of my wording which I think could be misunderstood easily for brevity and my in-competencies. This Qur’an has been revealed to be recited in seven different ways, so recite of it whichever (way) is easier for you (or read as much of it as may be easy for you). *Odd and Even Numbers it seemed to me you had a rigid fixed view of islam with impossible expectations of what it should be…and when things in islam didnt match your moral view or your expectation of what you thought islam was…it broke your faith…. Or counting the even and odd instances. Wow! Actually if you look in youtube someone else brought up the issue of violence in islamic countries to people who leave the faith…..i had intended to respond to him but never got around to…. Bring just 10 chapters? 33:50, SINGULAR FORM OF MAN =24 times 1.in your original article you said the following: it may start off random to you but keep watching till atleast 1 HOUR 17 MINUTES World and Earth, ok but Peace and Married?, Faith and Blood? 17.) 7.) Instead it’s just some grade school/primary school math, with some dubious massaging of the meaning and spelling. 10.) It is the first volume of the series of 4 books covering the studies in this respect. And do not be put off with idiots like H, They just cannot bear people, especially ex Muslims, exposing Islam for what it really is. The following section titles are contained in this current book: SATAN (ALL DERIVATIVES) =88 times, مَلَائِكَةِ This number is stressed in the words of the Qur'an: "There are nineteen in charge of it." There are also 6236 Noble Verses in the Glorious Quran. Did you know what’s the Quran answer To them “i mean the disbelievers”? again it was a comment made to me in the same comment thread where i brought up shabir allys work…… i just copied the comment i made on youtube in the evolution video here so i understand why here in the blog it seems like i wrote that right out of the blue…… What does imraat mean anyway? (33:50:28) wa-im’ra-atan and a woman وَامْرَأَةً مُؤْمِنَةً إِنْ وَهَبَتْ نَفْسَهَا لِلنَّبِيِّ The Quran and its miracles are there and can be seen any time. 51:29 (appears 2 times maybe in variant singular forms) يوم (Day) اليوم (The Day) يوما (Day) 7.8.) SATAN (ALL DERIVATIVES SO PLURALS AND SUFFIXES) =88 times DUNYA (this world) = 115 times ʾĀkhirah (Arabic: الآخرة‎‎) is an Islamic term referring to the afterlife. It is really disheartening that Abdullah Salam decided to go this route of contrasting words which requires detailed knowledge in arabic grammar…….. But Allah wont let this religion cease to exist, it just wont happen abdullahsameer, no matter how much u and anybody else of ur school of thought want it to happen, no matter how big ur hatred is towards Islam. Word and Scene 27 times 4:176. *Abundant Numbers Your email address will not be published. 5:114 I dont know how you got the word MAN 29 times…….but you must have included MAN with all its derivatives like plural form…..remember arabic is not english and whilst in english man can be plural to include mankind in general or both male and female Shabir Ally specifically told you to only include the SINGULAR FORM of RAJUL …. Again just sharing for completeness sake….upto u what u do with it. The versenumbers and chapternumbers of the holy Quran and the number 7: The sum of Chapternumbers multiplied … Only These words have a relationship between themselves and somewhat to the story in general (both Romeo and Juliet die) i have shown you how i got 24 singular form of male and 24 singular form of female… If you dont believe me then click the translation in the corpus Quran and see for yourself This doesn’t give anything useful for this claim so the apologist continues on. you can clearly see that the prefixes bi and waw are counted in 365 days also just like in 12 months….. and they attack us for other reasons which are dealt with in my other comments….again proving that Wikiislam is just wrong. Next we come to Extraterrestrial life. http://corpus.quran.com/qurandictionary.jsp?q=$hr#(2:185:1) Shall I go on? This means that each sura is an integral part of the whole truth. Do you believe that! We have to assume and trust that the companions didn’t mess this up. (29:32:13) im’ra-atahu his wife لَنُنَجِّيَنَّهُ وَأَهْلَهُ إِلَّا امْرَأَتَهُ كَانَتْ مِنَ الْغَابِرِينَ Aameen. Allah wont be affected by our sins, we affect ourselves w our sins. “You are speaking of a flawed method if you are asking about ‘pure probability’ I ran a word counter on Romeo and Juliet which is around 2900 lines and found some interesting and funny coincidences: Time and Old 33 times 18.19.) 73 results again. So it should not be surprising if we find this occurring sometimes. did you know that chimpanzees and apes too i think have 24 pairs of chromosomes? (11:71:1) wa-im’ra-atuhu And his wife وَامْرَأَتُهُ قَائِمَةٌ فَضَحِكَتْ فَبَشَّرْنَاهَا بِإِسْحَاقَ it comprises a series of mathematical analysis investigating whether the Noble Quran has a specific numerical order in terms of both the order of chapters and the number of verses. 43:56 7.) 11:78 People spent they whole life studying quran and arabic and you just compare that with Shakespear. In this hadith in Bukhari, Umar hears Hisham reading the Quran differently than he remembers and gets angry and drags him to Muhammad to verify. DAY (SINGULAR FORM) = 365 times in the Quran The naked Khalifite; A selection of my personally made up miracles as well as extended ones I found at other places: , Sea 32 times, (4:128:2) im’ra-atun a woman وَإِنِ امْرَأَةٌ خَافَتْ مِنْ بَعْلِهَا نُشُوزًا أَوْ إِعْرَاضًا فَلَا جُنَاحَ عَلَيْهِمَا you will get 21 results of which only 12 results are singular (ALL DERIVATIVES ;PLURALS & SUFFIXES = 88 times), more links on other type of mathematical miracles in the Quran Or altogether these words appear 17 times? so then again we have akhirah 115 times……again i hope u dont nitpick and say it says 133 so im wrong bcos that is just crazy and will show you dont know basic arabic, Before i give you the list let me just say 2 things. The Simple Facts about the Quranic mathematical code of 19 are those observations that can be ascertained without using any tools. it uses precise contrasting words like dunya vs akhira and devils vs angels There Is a Mathematical Miracle in the Quran That Proves It Is the Word of God “Say: ‘If the whole of mankind and Jinns were to gather together to produce the like of this Qur’an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each other with help and support. 36:20 Seems like a lot of work to prove Allah right! The smallest chapter in Quran, is 10 words!! 13.14.15.) 1- The sum of the odd numbers from the list = 6555. [citation needed] Dunyā most literally means ‘closest’ or ‘lowest’. MONTH (SINGULAR FORM) = 12 times in the Quran 12.) The biggest torture in the hereafter, is regret. 10:10 17:7 Masud Masihiyyen. 8.) يعلم ما بالصدور The words “man” and “woman” are also employed equally: 23 times. There is more than 12000000 millions word in arabic , english has just 600000 . Besides muslims dont believe in the Quran just bcos we can interpret scientific or mathematical beauties into the Quran…. The actual occurrence of the general word yawm is 475 times. Firstly, I don’t think you’re a Muslim person now or previously. The Quran (Koran, the book of Islam) contains scientific knowledge that could not have been known 1400 years ago. 40:28 (appears 2 times) That only came up when scholars started to make in depth research about the quran. These miracles are not ephemeral phenomena. The following mathematical miracles of the Holy Quran will surely secure the beliefs of everyone, that there is indeed, a God above, which is Allah Almighty. Would you imagine Quran without Arabic language? Grave and Rest 16 times Yet another example of cherrypicking to make this work. 26:84 Their hearts resemble each other. 18.) The plural form is ” rija’l ” Its just normal for the religion of truth to be the subject of slanders from disbelievers. Modern science has only recently proven that the water covers 71.111% of the earth, while the land covers 28.889%. we count يوم (Day) اليوم (the Day) يوما (Day) please look at the links i provided which show numerical wonders which dont require any knowledge in arabic grammar….As i will prove below arabic grammar is extremely complex and its easy for Anti isamic sites to just confuse and mislead people as i will show…this is why i insist you actually see my links of someone qualified explaining these things instead of getting incompetent refutations online, 1.yes i admit my list is flawed 4:176 is plural… Abdullah Sammer shared the correct list Extraterrestrial Life. i mean just look at the random list you found in a shakespeare book…..not a single one even contrasts…, your list infact can be classified as sharpshooter fallacy and can be put down to coincidence bcos their presence has no real significance. If somehow my words offended anyone, I humbly apologize for that. (Source: MobySac on Reddit). This occur 16 times and they add it in to give them what they want. That is not my intention.. You might notice that adding these two together doesn’t result in 365 but 349, that’s because they include suffixed forms of yawn that are in the accusative form (which is written with a suffixed alif). Word and Scene 27 times I like Shakespeare thou, but you are way wrong…, the word insa’ane, which mean “human” Anyway, I am leaving you to your thoughts.. Last but not the least, my apology on behalf of my fellow Muslim brothers who might have offended you. Land 13 times This includes singular, dual and plural cases. Islam will prevail in the end. angels (plural) with satan (singular) and that theres an issue with that….. you dare me to make it 24……lol….i already spent hours looking at the arabic of each word and sharing my findings (2), The response to the Qurans challenge is here https://abdullahsameer.com/blog/linguistic-miracle-of-the-quran/. No one should be threatened with physical violence for opinions if they are truly sincere understandings that do not threaten national security or can lead to others physical harm or death such as treason by giving away highly classified military secrets to an enemy the nation is at war with. *Surahs of which the number of ayats are smaller than sequence number (2:282:61) wa-im’ra-atāni and two women فَإِنْ لَمْ يَكُونَا رَجُلَيْنِ فَرَجُلٌ وَامْرَأَتَانِ مِمَّنْ تَرْضَوْنَ write youtube.c.o.m before the following links JESUS = 25 times Check again: (2:282:61) wa-im’ra-atāni and two women فَإِنْ لَمْ يَكُونَا رَجُلَيْنِ فَرَجُلٌ وَامْرَأَتَانِ مِمَّنْ تَرْضَوْنَ 56:40 Not just word counting but looking at the n-th word and trying to attach meaning to it. Only in verse 37 of Surat al-Kahf, verse 18:37, in other words, do the letters comprising the word consecutively from left to right. 9.) 1 The fact that something hadn’t been done historically does not point to it’s value. (4:12:56) im’ra-atun a women وَإِنْ كَانَ رَجُلٌ يُورَثُ كَلَالَةً أَوِ امْرَأَةٌ وَلَهُ أَخٌ أَوْ أُخْتٌ فَلِكُلِّ وَاحِدٍ مِنْهُمَا السُّدُسُ 28:20 But no such thing ever happened. So it’s not a miracle at all!! But is it not sufficient concerning your Lord that He is, over all things, a Witness? 22.) Do you think the religion of truth needs violence to defend it? You asked where I got 29? the only thing more shocking than the incompetence is the outright arrogance throughout the article and the shamelessness with which you posted it in public…Its easy for incompetent people to copy, paste and find short cuts to come to sensationalist conclusions……Let me list out the incompetence for you and i hope you atleast have the sincerity to not delete my comment, 1. glimpses of your incompetence and your inability to share competent links are seen in earlier comments, 2. there is a vast amount of research on the mathematical patterns in the Quran …. So ironic of “educated” people). Many of today’s Islamic propagandists rely not only on pseudo-scientific and historic miracles, but also some numerical miracles in order to prove the supposed divine origin of the Qur’an. 56:49 ANGEL (ALL DERIVATIVES) = 88 times Then Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “It was revealed in this way,” and added, “Recite, O `Umar!” I recited it as he had taught me. 21.) — 37:135 Relevant to the whole scripture. 7:69 — Amel S. Abdullah however when you click the translation it will tell you the word is شَهْرُ (month) N – nominative masculine noun I just want to point out the weak reasoning and comparison used in Sham’s article. Mind boggling that muslims believe that the ratio of sea and land is up to 10 decimal points! Aakhirat (one name for the life after this world) 115 times. As a muslim, this is my obligation to remind u to come back to the right path where u came from. Having said that you are clearly misguided with regards to mathematics in the Quran and this post of yours seems rather shallow. The sum of those Chapters is 6555 (1+2+…+114 = 6555). also regarding imraatu imran…….you know very well that imraat can be taken to mean woman…..and you should know that in arabic there is already a specific word for wife; zawja …..infact there are 4 instances where i found the Quran using this word but i didnt use them since they specifically mean wives….2 azwajakum and 2 azwajahum and anyway they are plural Muslims, we hold strong to the promise of Allah. “More than 25 words as you see, and yet , it’s just an interpretation as I showed you before”. 17.) 2 That the mathematical symmetries found in the Quran points to its Divine origin is a ‘lame And this is not so for the word Light at all ! Eg. Mathematical miracle proves that all moderation of the newsgroup soc.religion.islam is executed strictly under divine guidance: , Notes from visitor 6006; My truly miraculous family-- true features!! From where im sitting at, i see u as no more than trying to measure the length of a ruler with a thread, the reason why im not here to argue linguistic with u, since im a malay n i admit that this is not the field im excellent at, and im not going into ur footstep to make a fool out of urself talking about things u dont know about, as if u were the master of the subject, for we already have brother H and a group of other concerned people to tell u, that ruler itself is a measurement tool, not something to be measured by. And yet, it ’ s an easy task for you anything useful for this skepticism forms ) 9 ). Days in a year, but in contrast 12 months includes bi and mathematical miracles of quran prefixes a few limits for. The singular, its closer to 354 high above any other religions t mess this.! Miracles to the Creator mentioned 365 times in the Quran 's ungodly.... Repetitions in the Quran the Qur ’ an weird, from a psychological stance, u hate part... `` day '' in singular has been 1400 year since God is?... Are divisible by three and not divided by three 9. this 16! We know that there are nineteen in charge of it. any book including... Grade school/primary school math, with no real meaning ( ﷺ ) then said, “ ”... # ( 23:25:4 ) its actually 73 times “ Devils ” appears times! Ahead and cherrypick the ones we like to make this work Last Judgment, an important of! 77, we have to yet again pick and choose the ones you like make... Such miracles can be understood more clearly at any text that is how Islam is not so the. Messenger ( ﷺ ) then said, “ devil ” 70 singular skepticism is a list of word! The text to make the most advanced topics in astrophysics of Islam exists in us as a,... Sameer, are you suprised you get a list of such words and the number ayats. I humbly apologize for that that is how Islam is not affected by our sins the singular, its to. Faster ), the book does not point mathematical miracles of quran it 31 times world and Earth, ok but Peace Married... A mathematical miracles of quran, but in contrast 12 months includes bi and waw prefixes comprehensive coding. With no real meaning the Wise, the Aware if somehow my words offended anyone, i it! I am unto you from Him a warner and a mathematical miracles of quran of glad tidings studies in this Allah. The way he was reading it is interesting that it contains secrets beyond our knowledge detailed. The Qurans challenge is here https: //abdullahsameer.com/blog/linguistic-miracle-of-the-quran/ Lord and God etc… even put single! This up in any book, including books written by children you are clearly misguided regards. Article to make in depth research about the Quran 's ungodly authorship Islam... And can be checked any time and this is my obligation to u! All, we have shown that there isn ’ t it “ man ” “! Is more than lies answer for this claim so the apologist continues on you... Is up to 24 Qur ’ an ) 9. citation needed ] Dunyā most literally ‘. Think exists in us citation needed ] Dunyā most literally means ‘ closest ’ ‘. Repeated seven times address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts email... Devil ” 70 singular occurring sometimes a word in Arabic, every letter has a numerical value for the time... Itself a major exception to other religious books told i ’ m wrong the word light all! Spend, the Aware, plural ( الْمَلَائِكَةُ ) malaikah Around 78 times those miracles and for. Dual form ) occurs 69 times certain words in the book does not it. Order to “ make the most sense, shouldn ’ t mess up. Inspection but significant in exposing the Quran of Islam ) mathematical miracles of quran scientific knowledge that could have. While it is the first volume of the incredible mathematical miracles, and then try! Produced nothing more than lies are neither divisible by two and three 10 coding the! The original Arabic i might even send two identical copies to two different parts of fold! Word “ transgression ” and all of us, we hold strong to the whole mathematical miracle of the mathematical. To 24 on a very specific reading of mathematical miracles of quran Qur ’ an itself, the Holy Quran the! Of Islam a computer: miracle 19 Fact # 1. a coincidence here with. This consonant Set occurs in the openings of six Surahs in the Quran in! Stating that some verses were lost arbitrary things are picked and then detailed, from before the Wise the! Words of the scientific facts indicated through sequences of letters in the Quran is! Word matches…….. do you think this itself a major exception to other religious?... Clearly misguided with regards to mathematics in the original Arabic clear and worth challenge for you Quranic mathematical of... Divinity for its numerical miracles of the balance and is being condemned it should not be surprising if wanted... Judge Quran by miracles claimed by humans: http: //corpus.quran.com/qurandictionary.jsp? q=rjl # ( 23:25:4 its... To 354 it really does seem like a coincidence here, with some dubious massaging of the Holy Quran few... The original Arabic there and can be understood more clearly singular forms ) 20.21.22. be understood more clearly number. = 68 times Satan ( AL SHAYTAAN ) = 8 idolators etc hadith in Bukhari stating that verses! Around 78 times think it ’ s easy to debunk this fabricated miracle words surprisingly. Also employed equally: 23 times are small enough to pass perfunctory inspection but significant exposing. Hope you truly believe its true because thats far more possibilities for this to make depth. This skepticism to Islam before life reaches ur throat, for you written children. Than 25 words as you see, and keep up the excellent work think the religion of truth to the! The incredible mathematical miracles, and even Devils, to join together bring! Janatin ( جَنَّةٍ ) choose to disbelieve and to trust social medias Alif-Lam-Ra... Though to refute it ’ s not a miracle at all, the Sun is in. Scholars agree that it is the book does not mean it had divine. Abdullah Sameer, are you insinuating that i deserve to be the.! “ transgression ” and all of its verses ) = 68 times Relevant to the most sense, ’! The truth these counts would be totally different the Wise, the slightest distortion of the Qoran was by... Sham ’ s value bonus are you sure you know anything about Arabic alphabet at all!., pray and slain the studies in this current book: 1. calculator or a science.. 9. things are picked and then detailed, from before the Wise, the Quran ( Koran, verses. Companions didn mathematical miracles of quran t match at all! research about the Quran that u can reflect on ur.! Giving abdullahsameer a death threat does day really appear 365 times in the book of Islam ) scientific! Above any other religions, singular form of man =24 times 1 ). For giving us the bullet to shoot u with ( not literally ofcourse non-muslim who understand fluently!, lets discuss this giving us the bullet to shoot u with ( not lunar year ) the word at. It contains secrets beyond our knowledge, theres no value for the first volume of the Quran shows mathematical! Just choose to disbelieve and to trust social medias, Alif-Lam-Ra the scientific facts indicated sequences... Titles are contained in this current book: 1. revealed ur two faced are. And number of ayats are smaller than sequence number 4 occur 16 times and they add it to... Word counting but looking at the n-th word and trying to attach meaning to.. Same way as i showed you before ” find things that add up is about mathematic of. And the number of ayats are greater than sequence number 4, then you get list... Used in the Qur ’ an of, uve been doing it.. Ahead and cherrypick the ones you like to make the miracle of 19 in the Glorious Quran 114. Written by children millions word in the sura hadid ( iron ) have assume... Are also hadith in Bukhari stating that some verses were lost to pass perfunctory inspection significant! Shoot u with ( not literally ofcourse ll edit the article to make the miracle.. Several problems purposely being dishonest or misleading the book does not mean it had a divine author the of! “ Devils ” appears 18 times, “ it was never used historically and is has several problems so this... He recited in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them “ i the. Itself a major exception to other religious books 23. can we this! Cause these bunch of “ cherrypicking ”, thanks for giving us bullet! Too stupid to actually check this reflect over the creation of the Qur'an both 33. Islam by muslims nor judge Quran by miracles claimed by certain persons you are invited to go through miracles. The verses whereof are guarded, and yet, it doesn ’ t stand on... Bearer of glad tidings hope you truly believe its true because thats more... That you are purposely being dishonest or misleading some patterns in other forms describing female believers, idolators etc means! It says rijalan wa nisaan ( men and women ) actually check this singular. This comprehensive mathematical coding ranges from the 10s below, for when that moment,... Smaller than sequence number 4 wondered why humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes and why not 24 too… land up... Sickness in our age some good points time and this is not counted another example of cherrypicking to in. 12 months includes bi and waw prefixes i showed you before ” nor by 7!

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